I'm no angel

The value of our time together

As with anything of value or quality, my time comes at a premium.  The value of my time and the dedication that I will devote to ensuring that your time with me is memorable is  money well spent.  The rates are non negotiable as lesser quality options are available and if my time is not within your budget, I welcome you to explore those other options.  However, should my time fall within your budget, I am sure I will hear my favorite phrase "I will be back".  (Fetish play is additional as is late, late night appointments).

An escape from reality (60 min)
A longer indulgence (90 min)
$275-300 depending on location
Pure unadulterated bliss (3 hours)
Depending on location
Can you handle it (6-8 hour overnight)
Contact me
Out of town excursion
Contact me to discuss