I'm no angel

Remember my name

It's all just a state of mind....remember my name.

At times I am  your marriage counselor, your priest, your physical therapists, your life coach, a confidant, a friend, or a voice of reason.  I am your seductress, muse, tease and mistress. I am discreet, safe, reliable. I  can meet and exceed your physical, emotional, sensual needs.  We are your verifiable reputable providers. I am tried and true, drug and drama free and well reviewed. I have stood the test of time.  

In this confusing time of censored speech you may be overwhelmed with sorting through a jungle of ads. I have been vetted and vouched for.  Avoid the pimps, the drugs, the drama.  I do not use, I do not send unsolicited  texts asking for money. I advertise on other sites that have verified I am tried and true. I have paid my dues. I offer firm yet soft breast and a nice plump bottom. I am your girlfriend experience, your light kink, the sweetness for coffee.  I am the spring in your step and the smile on your face.

It's all just a state of mind seek and you shall find.  I  AM A SAFE , FUN, GO TO PROVIDER. Remember my name.

Sometimes  you're not looking for a relationship, but rather you're just looking for a temporary girlfriend but  just  don't want to jump through all the hoops. You don't necessarily want that sweet young thing but rather someone closer to your age, someone with things in common, someone you can converse with and more. 

You need to be discreet and don't want any drama. You're happy or maybe unhappy at home but still have needs so what do you do? 

Well, you arrange a meeting with someone who specializes in meeting those unsatisfied needs.  You get to avoid the unknowns, the uncertainties. 

I'm a mature seasoned passionate professional available to fill those needs. 

Beginning in the middle of May 2017 I will be exclusively traveling with monthly pit stops in Indianapolis  


317-625-6525 or 317-863-3996

It's all just a state of mind....remember my name.