I'm no angel

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My rates are as stated and are not a matter of discussion as I know the quality experience I provide.  Yes there are less expensive ladies available and if I am am not in your budget, i understand and encourage you to explore other options.  However, I always aim to please and do not disappoint.


I am newbie friendly but in order to see you will need to verify for my safety and integrity.  When available please provide your P411, TER or GBN information.  If you can not provide this information, at a minimum please provide first name and a traceable telephone number. 

Set appointments

Please understand that I do not double book and do not have a back up plan in case your schedule changes.  Please be respectful of my time as I will be of yours.  When you book in advance, I do expect that you will confirm the morning of the appointment to ensure no missed opportunities occur. Minimally, please provide at least a two hour notice of any scheduling changes.   I, likewise will notify you by your preferred method of contact should I have to cancel at the earliest opportunity and in advance as much as possible so that to not upset your schedule as well.


I am not a convenience store but rather a sweet lovely lady this  I am not available 24/7.  I require sleep, as I am sure you do as well, so please respect normal sleeping hours of midnight to 6:30 am.


I will provide a general location for you to be able to map out prior to our meeting.  Exact location is given near our meeting time.  When we do meet, please have your donation  available to be placed on the dresser upon arrival.

 You can either contact me at sara46239@gmail.com or via phone or text at 317-625-6525  or  through this site.